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Warm Congratulations to Aolan for the Official Announcement and Authorization of Another Invention Patent!


Good News: Aolan Won Another Invention Patent

Aolan "a water spray device and method for indirect evaporative cooling core" obtained the national invention patent certificate.

A Kind of Indirect Evaporative Cooling Core Water Spray Device and Water Spray Method

The invention relates to the technical field of evaporative cooling equipment, and solves the problems of narrow water spraying range, uneven water distribution and slow reduction of air temperature in wet passages of the existing water spraying device.

By arranging a motor mechanism on one side of the pipeline mechanism used for water spraying, Under the rotation of the motor and the driving of the connecting rod, the swing plate swings at a certain angle from left to right, thereby driving the pipeline mechanism to move in an arc trajectory around the lateral guide tube, which increases the water spraying range, makes the water spraying more uniform, and improves the work efficiency.